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Alumni Corporation visiting plan: Guangzhou Construction Group

  • Time: 01/07/2015 15:00 - 17:00
  • Venue:502 Audit departments, Guangwei Street 4, Guangzhou City
  • Contact:+86 20 85224206

Alumni: Zhu Xiaolin, alumni of 1998 MBA

Manager of Audit Department; researcher, senior economist and senior engineer

Industry: construction

About Guangzhou Construction Group

Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd (Guangzhou Construction for short) is a big state-owned enterprise under the supervision of SASAC of Guangzhou government; it boasts 4.04 billion Yuan in 2013, listed on the 292rd in the top 500 enterprises in China in 2014 and the 35th in the top 500 enterprises in Guangzhou.