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Macro-economics, Management Economics and Strategic Management



Ph.D. in Economics from Jinan University, China




1. Dynamic Efficiency of Chinese Economy - A Study Based On Modified Golden Rule, published in Journal of Shanxi Finance and Economics University, March 28, 2007

2. Empirical Research of Money Demand Function in Transformational Period in China, published in South China Finance, February 28, 2007

3. Empirical Test on the Hypothesis of Export Oriented Economic Increase in China, published in Statistics and Decision, May 10, 2007

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1. 2014 Xu Ying, Huang Weili, Study Summary of Relationship between CEO Salary and Company Performance, Scientific Decsion-making

2. 2015 Huang Weili Chen Lan, Summary of Separated Chairman and CEO Positions and Effect Factors, Scientific Decision-making


Consulting Projects

1. Dynamic Efficiency of Chinese Economy: Theory and Empirical Research

2. Strategic Planning of Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Investment Management Company

Industrialization of international cooperation and technological achievements of Hi-Tech Zone 2014



MBA modules: Macro-economics and Management Economics