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British and American Literature, Chinese traditional culture


1. Input and Output of Language Proficiency in Business English Teaching, China Adult Education, Issue 9, 2006
2. The self-portrait of the European bildungsroman’s traditional perspective — A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and the Tradition of the European Bildungsroman, Journal of Yunnan Normal University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition),Issue 4, 2007
3. On the Art of the Thomas Hardy’s Elegiac Poems, Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities (Philosophy and Social Science Edition),Issue 1,2008
4. Giving Poems a Momentum to Run - On Dylan Thomas’ Art of Poetic Creation, Journal of South Central University for Nationalities(Humanities and Social Science Edition),Issue 5, 2008
5. Life,Death and Love of a Welsh - An Exploration of the Themes in the Poems of Dylan Thomas, Journal of Guangxi University for nationalities (Philosophy and Social Science Edition), Issue 2, 2009
6. The Practice and Significance of College English Teaching Reforms to Adapt the all-English Teaching, Higher Education Exploration, Issue 2, 2005
7. The Analysis and Thinking of Undergraduate Tutorial Workload Annual Assessment - Take the International College of Jinan University as an Example, Journal of Hunan Agricultural University (Social Science Edition), Issue 6, 2007


1. An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Culture (English), Jinan University Press, October 2007.
2. Across the College English Writing, Jinan University Press, July 2002.
3. Tutorials of National Public English Test Level II,Chinese Industry and Commerce Associated Press,April 2000.


An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Culture