Myanmar-China MBA started from 2012. Two weeks in a row for classes each month, and the teaching location is Rangoon, Myanmar, taught in English face to face. School starts each spring and fall, and the duration is 2.5 years.

Target Market:

Targets the new generation of government employees and business managers from Myanmar, help them systematically study the genuine and effective skills and knowledge for modern management, and take the business practice from China’s reform and opening-up to help them grow into the social and economic leaders of Myanmar in the future.

Program Features:

  • It is the only MBA education program that has AMBA accreditation in local; international and business knowledge that can be used as reference: combination of modern management knowledge and successful business practice experience from China’s reform and opening-up initiatives;

  • An experienced faculty team;

  • Selected professional teachers from the School and partner schools to teach in Myanmar in person;

  • Fully interactive international experience: provides students with rich international experience through interactions with students from the main campus and overseas study program held annually.