Project Introduction 
Jinan University MBA alumni mentoring program aims to build a communication platform for MBA alumni and students. Through this platform, alumni can give important guidance to students as well as sharing their experience and wisdom during the interaction. Therefore, MBA students can expand their interpersonal network. It is of great help in the growth, in the career development of both sides. With this program, the alumni can reward to their alma mater and also get rewards from the other alumni.

Selection Criteria of Alumni Mentors
1. Jinan University MBA alumni (In principle, they should obtain master’s degree or above, vice-senior title or above, administrative posts in departments)
2. Have a strong sense of his identity as “Jinan Ren(Jinan people)” and be willing to make contribution to the school development
3. Be responsible, enthusiastic, patient and devoted
4. Be capable of efficient communication and resolving problems

Duties of the Alumni Mentors
1. Primary Duties
a. Alumni mentors will be divided by MBA Education Center into groups according to their industry background and job function. Two main contacts for each group; at least one activity a year for each group(different forms of activities such as industry share meeting, business consulting meeting and lectures and etc), joined by group mentors and students assigned, or with other mentors and students invited as well.
b. Be invited as an examiner in MBA admissions second interview
c. Be invited to MBA dissertation committee
d. Be invited to school lectures or seminars related to career development
e. Be devoted to provide various resources and chances for Jinan University MBA
f. Offer suggestions and requirements to the Alumni Mentoring Program

2. Extra Duties (must be responsible for at least one item or several items below)
a. Be an alumni mentor of 1 to 3 MBA students
Keep frequent and effective contact with students; share your experience and advices, answer the questions for the students in aspects of the knowledge application, ability training, career planning and development and so on.
b. provide integrated practice project for (full-time) MBA students  
Help to offer our (full-time) MBA students some business problems that need to solve in your company or other companies that you are familiar with. Business problems will be taken as case studies and integrated practice project for the students. The project will involve three aspects, the design of business plan, the management innovation of information age and management consulting. As it is part of compulsory study, students can choose one aspect based on their interest while certain mentors will be assigned to carry out certain projects by the MBA Education Center.
c. Provide internships or work opportunities for MBA students
Encourage you company or other companies you are familiar with to become our regular internship platform, to provide internships or work opportunities for MBA student regularly or irregularly, to provide at least one recruit per year.
d. Be employed as a consultant of Jinan University MBA career development
Provide consultation (One-to-one consultation based on student’s personal career development) , lectures and etc for MBA students in terms of career development, at least once a year.

Rewards for the Alumni Mentors
1. Keep contact with Alma mater, with other alumni 
2. Achieve self-value through the suggestions to the development of Alma mater and guidance to the students
3. Establish cooperation between your company and Jinan University and the MBA projects; make preparations for the development of talents; improve the popularity of your company
4. Establish cooperation and reach a consensus with potential partners to promote your own career development

Schedule for Alumni mentors
1. Invitation and application for Alumni mentors are available throughout the year, contact information:
Tel: 020-85224803, 85224206
2. In Every April or May, the new employed Alumni mentors will accept the job offer by MBA Education Center and join the meeting before the matching of mentors and students
3. Every May or June, certain Alumni mentors will match certain students
4. Next May, evaluation of Alumni mentoring program