Maolin YE

Organizational Behavior and HR Management, Applied Psychology



Ph.D. in Psychology from East China Normal University, China



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Consulting Projects

1. Task of Ministry of Finance: Building of the Education and Training Model for Financial Cadres of Different Levels;

2. Task of Ministry of Finance: System for Examination of Education and Training Performance of Financial Cadres;

3. Task of China Southern Power Grid: Research on Labor Organization Form Based on Mental Characteristics of Staff in Power Industry;

4. Task of Guangdong Grid Scheduling Center: Building of Education and Training System Based on Quality Model (participant);

5. Assessment of Psychological Quality for Drivers of Changsha Longxiang Bus Limited.

1. 2013-2014 Southern Power Grid Company, Relationship between Safe Production for Power Enterprises and Employees’ Mental Character, 200,000

2. 2013-2014, Yunnan Power Grid Compnay, Study on Employee Quality Evaluation System for Power Supply Enterprise, 400,000

3. 2013-2014, Yunnan Power Grid Company, Employee Individuality and Mental Health Model of Power Supply Enterprise and its Evaluation System, 490,000


Organizational Behavior