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Opening Ceremony of 2016 Sino-international MBA

Opening ceremony of 2016 Sino-international MBA was held in school of management in the afternoon on October 19, 2016. Guests attended the ceremony, including: Prof. Li Donghui, Executive Dean of the School of Management; Dr. Lu Yuan, Chief Director of Graduate School; Mr. Wang Yu, Deputy Director of International Affairs; Prof. Wang Wei, Representative of Teachers; Mr. Geoffrey ZHU, Director of MBA Education Center.


After the brief opening speech and the anthem ceremony, guests and representative of students gave wonderful speeches.

Prof. Li extended a warm welcome and best wishes to 2016 SiMBA students and reviewed the glorious history of Jinan University, applying the SiMBA and MBA project. He said that the students come to China for studying are not only interested in China culture and economy, but also showing their highly recognition to the education level of Jinan University. And he believes that these two years of study experience will become the student’s treasure in their life.

Professor Lu motivated students to be confidence for the challenge of getting the master degree, and he believes that all of them would be proud of today's choices in many years later.

Prof. Wang encouraged the freshmen to cherish time and learn from their lecturers as well as from each others, adjusting to the multicultural life and getting along well with students from different countries.

The school leaders and professors awarded the school badge for all freshmen and posed for photographs amiably.

SiMBA brings us together and gives a chance to ‘blend and mix’, to learn and understand. The student representative Ms. Cheryl Phaff from Canada gave the speech. Ms. Cheryl Phaff said that she knew that China is a global economic power, and all businesses worldwide have ties to Chinese businesses in one way or another. She joined the SiMBA program to experience and understands firsthand how China's economy grew so quickly and to meet the people who capitalize on the opportunities that are here for those that are willing to work hard. Finally, she used philosopher Henry David Thoreau’s words to end with her wonderful speech. “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

2016 Sino-international MBA Opening Ceremony end with cheerful chatting and laughing as well as a perfect group photo. The Students are going to open a new chapter of their life

26 Oct