In 1906, when the journalist, Mr. George Ernest Morrison, from The Times was reporting to the West for acknowledging the East, Jinan School, as the predecessor of Jinan University, was established, for mutual understanding between China and the rest of the world.

Full of legend, this university experienced stopping and rebuilding many times. But she insisits on contributing herself to the higher education for Chinese and overseas students, during which she brought about the establishment of the very early business discipline in China. And with tradition and advantage in business discipline, Jinan University never denies the combination of international business education and Chinese management, for spread of Chinese culture of excellence throughout the world.

Today, so is our education programs. Through which we hope to help the outstanding youth around the world, Chinese as well as foreigners to understand Chinese merchant culture, and touch the pulsation of Asia. Because Asia is the most dynamic part of world's economy, Guangzhou, the city where Jinan is located, has been a joint of China and the external world since hundreds years ago and granted as the best business city of mainland China by Forbes for 2 consecutive years since 2010.

The world is focusing on the East. We look forward to seeing you join us and share the wonderful Asia stories on the campus of Jinan University!