“SiMBA gives me a new unique perspective on the world of business with a specific focus on China. It is definitely a top choice for young progressive business people from all around the world.”

——Ilya,Russia, SiMBA class of 2012 


I decided to come and enroll in SiMBA program at Jinan  University because it seemed like a very interesting program - an MBA from a Chinese perspective. Most uniquely it has provided me with the experience of undertaking tertiary studies in China, and given me the opportunity to strengthen my Chinese skills and the chance to meet and interact with a diverse group of people - both Chinese and other foreign nationals.”

——Zayn,Australia,  SiMBA class of 2013 


New challenge, and new idea ,Start to think about a new vision!SiMBA is one of the most interesting programs to catch all ideas to get new skills and a new vision of the business world.New horizon, new friends, and new knowledge are important for the development in the management career and the future market development. All of these make me choose the Jinan MBA program --- SiMBA!

——James,Madagascar, SiMBA class of 2013


“Jinan’s SiMBA program is rigorous, result oriented, globally focused and application based. Taught by one of the finest international and domestic business faculty, the program is delivered in an environment of mutual learning, teamwork, cutting edge research and dynamism. SiMBA is an interactive program where students are not afraid to challenge professors and engage in a constructive dialogue.”

——Rizwan,Pakistan, SiMBA class of 2013