Graduate Procedure for 2015 SiMBA students

Graduate Procedure for 2015 SiMBA students

Time Table:




Before Mar. 28th

Pre-duplicate checking

Send your thesis to me,not a must


Apr. 15-20th

Official duplicate check

Send thesis to me, a must

Before Apr. 22th

Ask your tutor to approve your thesis in system

If your tutor disapprove, you can’t see your duplicate checking result

Before Apr. 20th

Submit 3 thesis for pre-defense (signed by your tutor) and pre-defense application form to 213(see attached)

If you don’t submit, you will not be arranged to attend the defense

Apr. 27th

Notice of official duplicate result ( must less than 20%)

We will help you to check the result and send it to you.

Apr. 24-27th


All the students must attend pre-defense

Before Apr. 28th

Apply on the system for graduation

We will assist you.

Before May 5th

Submit 2 thesis for concealed evaluation(conceal tutor, your name and the gratitude page). Please submit in time.

We will assist you with some form.

Before May 10th


1. Submit some application forms(see below documents)

2. Submit 3 official thesis to 213( signed by your tutor and yourself)

End of May-early June

official thesis defense

Notice will be issued on the MBA website, please be noted.

June 10-15th

1Revise your thesis title

2Confirm the photo in the system

We will assist you.

Jun. 25-30th

1、 Upload your final thesis and ask your tutor to approve in the system.

2submit 5 official thesis( 2 to 213, 1 to library, 1 for your tutor and one for yourself.)

Signed by your tutor and yourself and the date must be before defense.


A:submit before May 10th




OneProfessional Master Degree Information Collection Form(see attached) with your photo. After we receive your form, we will complete it in the system and print it for you. Then you need to sign.


Two the graduation registration form》(see attached),  with your photo and your tutor’s signature.



OneJinan master degree application form(fill and print from the system with your photo and your tutor’s signature.)



One basic data form》 (print from the system and sign)



Two photocopy of passport, one with your nationality and phone NO. on it



Onethesis proposal》(if you have submitted, neglect it )


B: Submit before June 30th


 Three final thesis (two submit to 213, one to the library)



Professional Master Degree Information Collection Form 专业硕士学位信息采集表.docx

The Graduate Registration Form毕业生登记表.docx

Pre-defense Application Form of Jinan MBA Program预答辩申请表.doc