Should individual investors continue to invest in China?

Time: 11/09/2014 15:00 - 17:00

Venue:Room 314, School of Management

Contact:+86 20 85225916

Investing in China has long been discussed. Recently quite a number of people sent money abroad and invested in foreign countries. A practical question which has attracted the attention of investors is whether they should continue to invest in China? This presentation focuses on this question by investigating investment strategy and financial planning for individual investors. Professor Li from Jinan University will discuss economic circumstances and analyse investments in real and financial assets before expanding the discussion to investment decisions in constructing portfolios.

Event Details

Time: 3-5pm November 9 2014

Venue: Room 314, School of Management Building, Jinan University 

    No 601 Huangpu West Avenue Guangzhou

Language: English

Fee: Free

About Speaker

Dr Li Lifang is an Associate Professor at Jinan University where she teaches Security Analysis, Investment Banking and Project Evaluation and Investment in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Her research interests include asset pricing and corporate finance. She was awarded PhD degree from Durham University in the UK in 2009.


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