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Global Alumni of JNU Make Outstanding Contribution to Alma Mater

It is reported that Jinan University is ranked 16th in the list of 2013 China University Alumni Donation published by China Alumni Network. In recent years, our alumni work has made solid progress and obtained notable results. The donation of the alumni has ranked in the TOP 20 of all universities in China for years.

Alumni are the most outstanding product and the most precious treasure of a university. The alumni donation is a common thing in foreign famous universities. And it can reflect the result of the university education and the implementation capacity of the president. It is also an important standard on evaluating the world fist class universities. Similarly in our country, the amount of alumni donations is affected by university's capacity of cultivating the alumni's capacity of making money. Billionaire entrepreneurs become the main part of alumni donations, which reflects that they pay attention to repaying the society and they are overflowing with gratitude to alma mater.

Our alumni are concerned about the construction and development of alma mater all along. The alumni association unites the alumni all together and plays an important role of providing a platform of alumni activities, uniting the alumni and supporting the construction of the university.

Alumni requite Jinan University in various forms

According to statistics, our university has received the donations of more than 150 million since the one hundred anniversary. Most of donors are alumni or social enthusiasts who contact us via the alumni.

The Alumnus Ye Huiquan(2004 EMBA Class of Guangzhou) has donated several times, whose donations were used for constructing the building of the School of Management and repairing the building of College of Economics. Besides, he set up OK Golf Team and MBA basketball team. He made great contribution to enriching the alumni activities and promoting the reputation of the university. The Alumnus Liang Zhibin made a generous donation to the construction of the new campus and solved the urgent problems of the university.