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Shot-to-fame Project--A successful E-Business Contest II

On November 16, the second Jinan University EMBA E-Business Contest:Shot-to-fame Project  was officially hold in the School of Management, which was co-sponsored by the School of Management and the EMBA Association. EMBA Association specially set up an e Fund to award the first three teams.

8 of the all 15 teams made into the finals and they were NO.2 QRH Cowboy, NO.5 Midu, NO.6 Zunai flower shop, NO.7 Audio-visual intelligence, NO.8 Shen Nung fields, NO.9 Diamond Purity, NO.12 Sifang purification and NO.15 Happy Family.

The result was finally given out after the intense scoring stage. The Happy Family won the title; QRH jeans won the second place; “Audio-visual” won the third place. Zhang Yaohui, the Secretary of the School of Management, Wu Jing, the Deputy Dean, representatives of the EMBA Association and Liu Fanjun of the Huitouche presented the certificates, rewards and prizes.

The last group photo declared the end of the second Jinan University EMBA Shot-to-fame Project . Thanks again to the instructors from the School of Management, the EMBA Association, Huitouche, Dianping and all the participating teams. We welcome more students to enroll in our next year's contest.