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IKEA Come to Jinan University

November 14, Professor Jorgen Ljung from the Sweden Linköping University invited the world's top 500 enterprises--IKEA's elite leaders to our Jinan University to share cases with the 2014 SiMBA class.

The lecture started at 9 with no empty seats. First, Professor Jorgen Ljung gave a simple speech. After that, 4 managers from IKEA respectively offered a self-introduction and played the promo video of IKEA.

In the following two hours, four managers, respectively in their own areas, introduced and explained to the students the origin and status of IKEA, IKEA's vision and value concept, IKEA's corporate culture and spirit, IKEA marketing idea and the IKEA’s values on talent and staff development processes.

The experience-oriented marketing method and human-based management philosophy sparked intense interest among the enthusiastic students who put forward constant questions in every stage. The 4 managers answered the questions patiently, but the students hoped to raise more questions and learn more about management. Professor Jorgen expressed his gratitude to the 4 guests at 11:30. The lecture came to a successful conclusion.

The students said that such lecture is very instructive and they hoped more enterprises be invited here to have lectures and create more opportunities for students to contact with famous enterprises.