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EMBA Students 2015 Visit the Houdy Group

The teaching model of Jinan University combines the theories and practices. April 14, 2016, EMBA students 2015 all came to Guangzhou Houdy Group to conduct investigation and survey, with Professor Cheng Dong and the director of EMBA Education Center attended.

Liu Peihua, a member of Houdy Group, was a student of EMBA in JNU. As a company enjoys many years of high progress, Houdy was seeking breakthrough amid to the new era. Invited by LIU, students of EMBA 2015 went to the company to study and actively discusse the existed problems of the company, then put forth many proposals.

After arriving at the company, associated manager Jiang Jiadong and Liu received the students, and led them visit the R&D center, manufacturing shops and production exhibition hall and so on.

Following the visit, Houdy hold a meeting and greeting, and Jiang extended his warm welcome to the arrival of all the students and professors. During the discussion, Jiang gave a brief introduction of the value and view of the company, and showed the advertising video of the company, which impressed the participated students and professors.

The professor and students explored the roots that hindered the development of Houdy, and shared their perspectives and analysis. Liu showed her appreciation and interests to reflect these helpful ideas to the management department.

In the end, the director of EMBA Education Center Ling Zishan awarded the Houdy with “Innovative Practice Base for EMBA of Jinan University”, hoped that the company would deepen the cooperation with Jinan University.

The investigation culminated with the dinner of students and Liu, all the monitors of three classes expressed their feelings of the experience, and anticipated more opportunities to communicate with the company. They vowed that they would work harder to contribute more to business courses.