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Donation of 10 Million received to set the Venture Capital Fund

June, 16, donation ceremony of “Lu Xiang Venture Capital Fund of Jinan University” is held at the Alumni Building, together with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum of School of Management. President of Luxiang Investment Co. Ltd, Ke Ronggui, who is the alumnus of JNU, donated 10 million Yuan to establish Lu Xiang Venture Capital Fund of Jinan University. JNU’s president Hu Jun, other alumnus and teachers attended the ceremony. Hu showed his appreciation to Ke and his company, and said that JNU will push forward the programs funded to produce strong results. Hu urged all the students of JNU to work hard and stands out the society with fruitful achievements with the School Motto as guideline, and finally give back their return to JNU.

Ke said that JNU embrace the tradition of inclusion and innovation. Currently, the way to integrate university’s resources, to deepen the education reform, to cultivate the School culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, nurture the students; ability of innovation and entrepreneurship and support the innovation and entrepreneurship of students and teachers remains a big challenge. He hoped that JNU will obtain remarkable achievements in the future.

In the Entrepreneurship Forum of School of Management, Ke delivered a speech to make a theoretic and practical analysis on the entrepreneurship of students from four perspectives.