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2015 Jinan University EMBA Overseas Study Trip

Dear EMBA students:

Jinan University Overseas Study Trip is held with the aim to further improve the teaching quality of the EMBA in the School of Management in Jinan University, to better integrate theory and practice, to draw the case closer to the fact, to facilitate the face-to-face exchange between our students and professors and scholars from world-famous institutions as well as senior executives from famous enterprises all over the world. Meanwhile, this is a good communication platform for our EMBA students from all classes.

Time : September 28 - October 10,

Location : the Eastern Line, Boston - New Haven - New York.

Credits : 2 credits (elective course).

Size : 30-50, if the number of applicants is less than 30 , the line will be canceled; if the number of applicants is higher than 50 , the trip will be adjusted.

Activities: The main activities include courses, enterprises visit, students’ exchange and panel discussion. Seminars of related subjects will be organized by the senior professors in the School of Management. We shall pay visits to Boston, New Haven and New York, etc. We will endeavor to have conversations with management experts from Harvard University, to promote innovation capacity, to experience the West Point Spirit, to improve the level of leadership, to build excellent teams.

Courses :Dialogues with professors from Harvard University and the West Point under the themes of strategy management, innovation and leadership. Issue certificates of completion from Harvard University.

Enterprises visit:Visit the New York Stock Exchange, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Google Research and Development Center in New York, Bloomberg, American Express, witness the United States economy, feel the corporate culture and discover the keys to success (visits 4 Enterprise in total, depending on the itinerary).

Application deadline:Students must hand in applications before June 30th and fill out the application form.Students can get other organization information from the Center. If you have any questions or advices, please contact the Center or Ms. Long whose number is 020-85221419.

Please prepare your private passports in advance for your convenience. For those who have private passports, please check your expiry date and make sure you have at least 9 months before your passport expiring. If it is about to expire, please apply for a replacement procedure ASAP.