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International Exchange Student Selection 2016 Spring

The application for student exchange program with international partner universities for Spring semester 2016 intake is opening now! (For information about the international partner universities, requirements and the quota, please refer to Appendix 1.)


 If you are eligible with requirements on Appendix 1, please download and fill in the application form(Appendix 2) and submit application materials to Room 505, School of Management and send digital copies (including the application form with electronic photo) to before 25th September, 2015. The title of email should be “Name + Major + Grade + Class + Application University”.


Application materials include:

         1. Application form (Appendix 2)

         2. Personal Resume

         3. Transcript

         4. Copy of your papers

         5. Foreign language proficiency certification copy


All materials should be bound up in this order and should be submitted in triplicate.


Projects with the mark of “MBA” can be prior applied by MBA students.

School of Management will arrange an interview for candidates who have passed the document review (the time and place will be noticed in time). The mailing fees to overseas universities shall be afforded by students during their application.


Contact: Ms. Chen

Tel: 85220566

Appendix 1:Information Sheet.docx

Appendix 2:Application Form.docx

School of Management