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Notice on the Dissertation Proposal of MBA2013P and SiMBA2014

To MBA students:

       The Dissertation Proposal of MBA Report will be held at 7:00 pm on 24thSeptember (this Thursday). 

       The Dissertation Proposal process is as follows:

1. MBA students prepare PPT that will be presented in their statement;

2. MBA students should dress and behave properly. Students should bring a personal computer. 

3. MBA students arrive 15 minutes earlier to arrange for computer and projector equipment.

4. MBA students make a clear statement about the thesis topic in 5 minutes

5. The auditing team gives comments and suggestions;

6. The auditing team members write comments after consideration and discussion.

MBA students whose dissertation proposal passes can start writing the thesis under the guidance of their tutors after revising the proposal according to the auditing team’s suggestions, submit one proposal with tutor signature to MBA Education Center for record within two weeks.

MBA students whose dissertation proposal fails to pass can report again two months later.


   MBA Center