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Notice for 2015 MBA Fun Sports

Fun Sports has been a tradition in our MBA program. This year our Fun Sports will combine the current fashion, with the theme of “Running JNU MBA”. Here are matters need to know:

1.   Team format:

(1) JNU MBA students, alumni, faculty, and family members

(2) In principle, the team should be made within class, but you are welcome to build a team of your own, just to give it a name.

(3) Each team should be more than 10 members, but less than 40.

(4) Each team should have a team leader.

2.   Application

(1) Send an E-mail to in the format: Fun sports+ Team name+ team leader + leader`s phone number, attached with every member of this team.

(2) This activity will not accept team made on the spot.

3.   Registration deadline: November 16 12:00

4.   Competition time: November 22 at 1300-17:00

5.   Location: Jinan University campus

6.   Gathering place/ starting place: School of Management lobby

7.   Rules:

(1) Create a Wechat group before the competition.

(2) Introduction of each team before the competition.

(3) Each team will get a mission bag before depart, make sure to finish all tasks in the bag.

(4) Mission bag is confidential before the game.

(5) Each team should do the demonstration at the mission spots, after  finish your task, take a phone and send to your Wecaht group as evidence. Besides, you should guarantee not to lose any team member, lose one member, you lose 1minute.

(6) Team leader( or appoint a team member) should send your demonstration photos to your Moments on Wechat, the team with the most Likes win the Best thumbs Award.

(7) In principle, each team should finish all your tasks, and we will evaluate each team according to the time you get back to the starting place.

8.   Matters to pay attention:

(1) Be sure to wear sportswear, and sports shoes and prepare your water ( we only offer water in the barrel )

(2) Be sure your physical condition is sound for this competition. Children and elderly are not recommended to take part in.

(3) For better demonstration, every team is suggested to uniform attires.

(4) If the weather is not suitable for the competition, we will change to another day.

9.   Prize: Champion, runner-up, second runner-up, Award of Excellence, Best in Show, Best thumbs Award.

10. MBA center retain the right of final explanation.