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Notice on Wine Party and Competition of Microcinema

To freshman of 2016:


Welcome to the School of Management at Jinan University!

We will divide students into 10 groups as we carry out activities like Wine Party for freshman and Competition of Microcinema, for more information of the groups please refer to the attachment.

Generally, the first one on the group list will be the group leader who is responsible for contacting, arranging and coordinating. Beside that, each group can select a group leader after discussing, and the leader must be selected ASAP.

 Following are the detailed information about the Wine Party and Competition of Microcinema:

Wine Party

“MBA Wine Party for freshman 2016”will be held at the School of Management Building on July 10. It starts at the 3pm and ends at 9 pm of the day.

To ensure the process of the activity, commission for the wine party has been established with Zhen Zhijian as the Chairman (Tel: 18988803339). Commission is divided into several groups: programme group with Ouyang as its leader (18126229088), press group with Li Cheng as its leader (18675971264), outreach group with Fu Yubing as its leader (15018448493), logistics group with Liu Wenlei as its leader (18651049747), financial group with Hu Xiangtie as its leader (18807600640), and toastmaster group with Xu Wenjie as its leader (13416105727).

Let us work together to make for romantic and memorable party.

Competition of microcinema

The School embraces the tradition for the competition of microcinema for many years. The competition is wide-popular and offers opportunity for freshman to join Jinan family. In this connection, we will follow the tradition to hold the competition.

Specifications are as follows:


1. June 6                                       Publish the notice

2. June, 6 to September 6            Plan, prepare, film and upload

3. 23:59 on September 6              Deadline for unloading

4. September 6 to October 30      Network video exhibition and voting

5. November 20 to 30                   Specialists vote the films

6. Late of December                     Award ceremony for the microcinema

Participating object: MBA freshman and other students or alumnus

Theme of the microcinema: MBA of Jinan University

Competition Rules

1. Each participating group must upload at least one work.

2. Time of the work is controlled from 3 to 10 minutes, 720p and high definition of video with subtitle is favored.

3. The content of the work must be healthy with distinctive theme.

4. Every participating group must finish the work and upload the work to the websites of both Tencent and Youku before the deadline.

5. Participating work must be original and agree to transfer the copyright to MBA Education Center. The work shall not contain any private related information and violate the according laws of PRC.