Hongtao SHEN

Financial Accounting and Financial Management


Education Management from Xiamen University, China

Theses published
1. Hongtao Shen, Liangde Su, A Study on the Imitation in Corporate Information Disclosure, Vol. 3, 2012, Nankai Management Review
2. Hongtao Shen, Jie Feng, Governmental Supervision, Media Monitoring and Corporate Environmental Disclosure, Vol.2, 2012, Accounting Research
3. Hongtao Shen, Liyan Wang, Tuo Wan, Can Corporate Social Report and Assurance Be Effective Signals?, Vol. 4, 2011 Auditing Research
4. Yi Yang, Xiaolu Liyu Hongtao Shen, Green Financial Policies, Corporate Governance and Environmental Disclosure, Vol. 5, 2011, Financial and Trade Research
5. Hongtao Shen, Jiaxing You, Jianghong Liu, Refinancing Environmental Protection Check, Environmental Disclosure and Equity Capital Costs, Vol. 6, 2010, Financial Research
6. Hongtao Shen, Yi Yang, Yibin Wu, Legitimacy, Corporate Governance and Social Disclosure, Vol. 6, 2010, China Accounting Review
7. Hongtao Shen, Aim and Theoretical Basis of Corporate Social and Environmental Accounting—Foreign Research Summary, Vol. 3, 2010, Accounting Research
8. Hongtao Shen, Xianzhong Song, Jieying Xu, Research on Social Responsibility Accounting in China: Review and Prospect, Vol. 2, 2010, Financial and Economic Science
9. Hongtao Shen, Yi Yang, The Value Relevance of Corporate Social Disclosures, Vol. 2, 2008, Modern Finance and Economy
10. Hongtao Shen, Corporate Characters and Corporate Social Disclosures, Vol. 3, 2007, Accounting Research

II. Works published
1. Hongtao Shen, 2011, Corporate Environmental Disclosure: Theory and Evidence, Science Publishing House
2. Hongtao Shen, Yifeng Shen, 2007, Corporate Social Reasonability Thought: Origin and Evolution, Shanghai People’s Publishing House
3. Yifeng Shen, Hongtao Shen, 2004, Mainstream Theory of Corporate Finance, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Press
4. Hongtao Shen, Zhengbiao Ma, 2014, Local Economic Development Pressure, Firm Environment Performance and Debt Financing, Journal of Financial Research
5. Hongtao Shen, Zhen Huang, Fangru Guo, 2014, Confess or Defense? Nankai Business Review
6. Hongtao Shen, Jinghua Liao, 2014, Accounting and Institutional Construction of Eco-civilization, Accounting Research
7. Hongtao Shen, Tao Chen, 2016, Forced or Voluntary? Accounting Research

Consulting Projects

1. 2013: 2012 Annual Report on Social Responsibility of Yuexiu Property
2. 2014: 2013 Annual Report on Social Responsibility of Yuexiu Property
3. 2014-2016: Social Responsibility System of Yuexiu Property
4. 2015: 2014 Annual Reports on Social Responsibility of Yuexiu Property and Pearl River Enterprises Group
5. 2016: 2015 Annual Reports on Social Responsibility of Yuexiu Property and Pearl River Enterprises Group
6. 2016: Environmental Accounting and Report of Yuexiu Property


Corporate Social Responsibility(MBA);
Corporate Finance(MBA)