Financial Management (Corporate Finance), Pricing of Investment Asset, Empirical Finance, Behavior Finance and Derivative Market



Ph.D. in Financial Studies from Graduate School of Chinese University of Hong Kong, China


1. His theses were published in journals such as Economic Research and Management World

2. He was once awarded third prize for outstanding achievements in the 9th Five-Year Plan of Philosophy & Social Science of Guangdong Province

3. He was awarded second prize of the 1st Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy & Social Science of the People's Government of Guangdong Province

4. He was awarded the third prize of the 4th Outstanding Achievements of Philosophy & Social Science in Higher Education Institutions of China

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Consulting Projects

1. He has led a project of National Fund for Social Science (Model Research of Behavior Finance on the Abnormal Phenomenon of Forward Premium of Foreign Exchange in the International Financial Market) (Underway)

2. He has led a project subsidized by the Soft Science Research Scheme of Guangzhou (Research on the Innovations of Financing Structure and Tools of Software Enterprises) (Underway)

3. He took part in the project of Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province (Research on the Financing Mechanism and Efficiency of Asset Allocation of New and High-tech Enterprises in Guangdong Province) (2006)

4. He took part in the project of the Ministry of Finance (Accounting of Financial Derivatives) (2004)

2013.8 Logistics Finance and Design of Management and Control of Guangzhou Commercial Logistics Company


MBA Module: Financial Management

1.(MBA)/ Financial Management

2.(EMBA)/ Capital Operation and Financial Strategies