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Strategic management, decision-making simulation and human resource management


Education Industrial Economy from Jinan University, China

1. “Strategic Consideration on the Development of State-owned Commercial Banks in China under WTO.” South China Finance 3 (2002); 
2. “A Discussion on Establishing Sustainable Competitive Edge of Service Trades.” Jiangsu Commercial Forum 3 (2002);
3. “Reflections on the Teaching of Enterprise Strategic Management.” Academic Degrees & Graduate Education 7/8 (2002);
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9. “Suggestions for the Development of Small Business: Comments about Small Business Finance in the Period of Structural Conversion: Theoretical and Empirical Research and International Comparison.” Social Sciences in Guangdong 4 (2004);
10. “A Study on the Status Quo and Development Trends of Supply Chain Performance Assessment.” Market Modernization 3(2010);
11. “How to Control the Overflow Effect of Public Goods.” Economic Herald 7(2010).
12. Project Leader of International Reform of Professional Degree Education Led by Three International Certification Systems, Jinan University, 2012;
13. Project Leader of Instructional Case Bank for Management Postgraduate Education, Jinan University, 2012;
14. The Second Place of A Study on the Professional Ability-based Training Model of HR Management Professionals, Project of Guangdong Quality Engineering, 2012;
15. Principle Member of Economic Management Experimental Teaching Center of Jinan University, National-level Demonstration Center of Experimental Teaching;
16. Project Leader of A Study on the Development Quality of Postgraduates from Jinan University, University-level Key Postgraduate Project, 2009.
17. June, 2015 Wu Jing Strategic Thoughts on Enterprise Talents Training Model, Management World
18. August 2015 Wu Jing Internal Audit and Review of the Negative, Journal of Service Science and Management

Consulting Projects

1. New Industrial Space and Enterprise’s Sustainable Development, Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, 2004 -2006 (Project Number: 51104914).
2. Research on Promotion of Guangdong Private Economic Development – Break Through “Three Types” Capital Constraint, and Optimize the Environment of Private Economy; Bidding Research Topic on Guangdong Major Theories and Actual Issues, 2003-2004.
3. Guangdong Employee Training System of China Telecom, Enterprise Entrusting Project, 2002-2002.
4. HR Management System, Enterprise Entrusting Project, 2002-2002.
5. HR Management System, Enterprise Entrusting Project, 2002 -2003.
6. HR Management Apt to Enterprise’s Strategic Development, Enterprise Entrusting Project, 2003-2003.
7. Optimization of HR Management System, Enterprise Entrusting Project, 2004-2004.
8. Integrated Support of Front-Oriented Network Line, Enterprise Entrusting Project, 2008-2008.
9. Optimization Scheme for Organization Structure and Flow of Airport Construction Headquarters Under Engineering and Construction Headquarters in Guangdong Airport Management Corporation, Enterprise Entrusting Project, 2009-2009.
10. Development Strategy for Guangdong Guangcai Printing Co., Ltd., 2008-2010.
11. Development Strategy for Guangzhou Municipal Cement Products Co., Ltd., 2010-2010.
12. Development Strategy Planning 2012-2016 for Guangzhou Grantop Investment Co., Ltd., 2011-2012.
13. Guangdong Post Savings Bank
14. Guangzhou Association of Lawyers
15. Guangzhou Union Federation
16. Zhongshan Perfect Company 
17. Yangjiang Local Tax Authority
18. CCCC4
19. Guangzhou Youyi Group
20. Heyuan Telecom
21. Guangzhou People’s Press
22. Xinfengjiang Hydro Power
23. Zhongshan Post
24. Qinghai SASAC
25. Guangdong Highway Company
26. Foshan Pacific Insurance Company
27. OTC East
28. Million Sunflower Garden
29. Guangzhou Baihua Spicy Company


Strategic Management, Decision-making Simulation (MBA)