Huifen WANG

Modern Production and Operation Management; ERP / ERPII and Enterprise Information Application


Education Management from Renmin University of China

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Consulting Projects

1. IT planning of Xuji Group Corporation;
2. IT-supported operation of business model - survey on model customers of Kingdee;
3. Informationization Research in Guangdong Province;
4. Comparative research on timely implementation method of China and foreign MRPII / ERP systems;
5. Proposal of maturity model of ERPII implementation capacity and analysis of manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong
6. 201402/2016.2 Wuwei Huiyin Village and Township Bank Transformational Strategy Consulting Project
7. 201511 Guangzhou Social Security Fund Management Center Smart Social Security General Financial Information System Consulting Project

Production and Operations Management; Enterprise Resource Planning (MBA)