Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior


Education Management from Jinan University, China

1. Comparison between Employee Satisfaction and Employee Engagement Published in Group Economics Research, 2nd Period of 2005;
2. Corporate Social Responsibility Standard from the Perspective of Institutional Economics, published in Economic Tribune, 7th Period of 2005;
3. Human Capital Stock and Industrial Competitiveness in Guangdong, published in Special Zone Economy, 8th Period of 2006
4. A Study on the Structural Dimensions of the High-Performance Work System in Chinese Enterprises Context published in Science of Science and Management of S. & T., 9th period of 2009;
5. Empirical Study on the Structural Dimensions of the High Performance Work System and Its Impact on Firm Performance published in Soft Science, 1st period of 2011.
6. 2015 Wang Hong (second author) Positive Impact of Leaders’ Negative Emotions on Employee Performance  Psychological Science Progress 2015.11

Consulting Projects

1. Guangzhou Telecom Network Management Center: Human Resources Management System Design;
2. Guangdong Provincial Telecom Company of China Telecom: Guangdong employee training system of China Telecom;  
3. Guangdong Telecom Planning and Design Institute: Design of Human Resource Management System Suitable for Enterprise Development Strategies;  
4. Guangdong Guangye Construction Co., Ltd.: Evaluation and Compensation Design Program; 
5. Guangdong Dongzheng Properties Co., Ltd.: Organization Design Program of Yinian Garden;
6. Guangdong Electric Power Dispatching Center: KPI Performance Appraisal Program;
7. Guangdong Electric Power Dispatching Center: Competence model-based Staff Training System and Training Planning 

Organizational Behavior(MBA)