Yongmei XU

Quality Management, Systems Engineering, Business Administration and Business Informationization Management ,etc.


Education Management from South China University of Technology, China

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Consulting Projects
1. Technological Development Planning of Modern Service Industry, Guangdong Medium to Long Term Planning Program;
2. A Study on the Development Strategy of E-commerce for Guangdong Traffic Group Co., Ltd.;
3. Strategic Decision-making Support Project of China Mobile South Base;
4. Employee Satisfaction Improvement Consulting Project of China Mobile South Base;
5. Strategic Planning and Compensation System Design of High and New Technology Industrial Area in Zhaoqing
6. Planning of Wireless Industry in Guangdong 
7. A Study on the Guangdong Directory of Mandatory Filing Radio Transmission Devices 
8. 201211-201410 Guangdong Major Technolgoy Speical Project, Study on and Demostration of Energy-efficient Operation Management Smart System of South Base of China Mobile, project no. 2012A010800032
9. 201211-201404 Consultancy Project of Employee Satisfaction Enhancement for China Mobile South Campus  

Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior (MBA)