Lan YI


Decision Making of Dynamic Investment Management, Financial Risk Management, and Corporate Finance


Education Finance Engineering from Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

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Consulting Projects
1. Research on the Problems of Multistage Capital Investment Decision under the Conditions of Frictional Market, Guangdong University Outstanding Youth Innovation Talent Training Project, 2012-2013 (Coordinator, 2012WYM-0027).
2. Research on the Fluctuation of Monetary Policy, the Allocation of Credit Resources and Their Economic Consequences, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Main Participator, 71272213).
3. Research on the Mechanism of Influences of Tax Regulation Upon R&D Capital Investment Decision under the Implementation of Stock Option, the Humanities and Social Science Fund Project of the Ministry of Education (Main Participator , 13YJA630086).

Advanced Micro Economics, Corporate Finance Research