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The Team of SoM Won “Flying Against the Wind” Award in Desert Adventure

From August 22nd to 24th, the 9th Asia-Pacific Business School Desert Adventure was successfully held in the Tengger Desert, Alashan Banner, Inner Mongolia. The team from the School of Management of Jinan University successfully completed the adventure and won the Flying Against the Wind award. Tang Qianmin won the 9th place in the women's team B in this competition. This is the first personal award that the SoM won in this adventure.

The Desert Adventure was divided into two routes of 70 kilometers and 30 kilometers, which lasted for three days. According to the requirements of the adventure, the participants carried 3.5kg of luggage and hiked across the desert. In the serious desert environment with scorching sun and heavy storms, the team of the SoM support each other, encourage each other, and go hand in hand to complete the competition.

The Asia-Pacific Business School Desert Adventure is a “second classroom” for MBA students, which not only allows them to challenge and break through themselves, but also let them realize the spirit and importance of teamwork.