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School of Management Successfully Held Mid-term Dissemination Event of the Erasmus+ Mobility Project with University of Salento

On the afternoon of January 11, the School of Management of Jinan University held a mid-term dissemination event on the Erasmus+ KA107-2019 Mobility Project with our partner, the University of Salento, Italy. The purpose of this event is to provide a platform for all stakeholders involved in the Project to communicate with each other, and to publicize the Project to all interested parties and future participants. This event invited representatives from both institutions, as well as exchange students from SoM to participate in the event, including Assistant Dean of SoM Prof. Jun Qi, Prof. Yongli Tang from the Industrial Technology Economics and Management Research Center of SoM, Assistant Director of SoM International Affairs Office Mr. Lei Luo and Project Coordinator Zhiying Zhou from SoM International Affairs Office, Pro-Vice Chancellor to International Affairs of University of Salento Prof. Rosita D'Amora, Project Coordinator Prof. Claudio Petti, and 10 students currently on exchange. In addition, faculties and students who are interested in this exchange program are also invited.


In the event, Jun Qi first introduced the development achievements of the SoM in various aspects this year to the representatives of the University of Salento and the faculties and students of the SoM, and said that the Erasmus+ Exchange Project is an important achievement of SoM's international cooperation under Covid-19c. She extended her gratitude to the University of Salento for providing this cooperation opportunity, and expressed concern to the exchange students who are currently abroad. She hoped that students could gaining something during the exchange and return home safely.


(Jun Qi introduced the development of SoM in recent years)


Professor Rosita D'Amora also introduced the international cooperation of University of Salento. She said that this Erasmus+ project is a success, and University of Salento is ready to apply for the next batch of Erasmus+ exchange project. If the application is successful, it will benefit more teachers and students of the SoM.


In the next session, Prof. Claudio Petti introduced the framework of the Erasmus+ KA107-2019 Mobility Project, and elaborated on the current progress, student activities, and future plans of the Project. He mentioned that the progress of this program was stagnant for a time due to Covid-19, but both institutions have been working hard to promote it and maintain communication, which eventually led to its implementation. He believes that this exchange program is sustainable and hopes that more faculties and students will participate in it in the future. Prof. Yongli Tang and Lei Luo also said that the opportunity to communicate under the pandemic is valuable, and that they were glad that both sides have the opportunity to continue in-depth cooperation.


(Claudio Petti introduced the exchange program)


Afterwards, the exchange students in this program shared their exchange life and feelings. 2020 Industrial Engineering and Management student Zekang Huang (Alex), 2020 SiMBA Program student Bo Pan (Patrick) and Zhimei Yang (Emily), as well as 2020 Tourism Management student Xiaodan Zhang (Daniella) who is on virtual exchange, shared their exchange life through videos, photos, etc. They first expressed their gratitude for the exchange opportunities and all the help provided by the schools from both sides. Besides, they believed that the experience of studying abroad, communicating with people from different cultures, getting used to the local life, learning their language, and traveling to various places are all indispensable parts of this exchange life. It will be a special and precious experience in their life.


(Students shared their exchange lives)


This dissemination event enabled both institutions and exchange students to have a better understanding respectively, and attracted dozens of SoM students to participate, laying a good foundation for both institutions to apply for and launch a new Erasmus+ exchange program in the future. It also shows the intention and confidence of both the SoM of Jinan University and University of Salento to further deepen cooperation and promote the continuous development of the Project.

(Virtual Group Photo)